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Bric is the construction and fit-out offering under the Seek Africa portfolio. Our collection of services and offerings demonstrate our ability to genuinely provide full turnkey solutions for the construction and property industry. Have a look at our other offerings.

Seek Africa - Ideas Materialized

Seek Africa is a portfolio of offerings that specialises in the construction industry. Seek Africa exists to convert the conceptual ambitions and visions of our clients into real and material outcomes.

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Seek - Signage & Wayfinding

Seek, signage and wayfinding, is a specialist, best of breed, company that solves real world navigation and brand problems through their strategic approach to conceptualisation, design, production and project management of all signage projects.

Seek Services

  • Graphic Design
  • Technical Design
  • Signage Production
  • Procurement & Manufacturing Management
  • Installation & maintenance
  • Wayfinding Conceptualisation & Design

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Flex - Automated Auditing

Flex, Automated Auditing, is a custom developed technology platform that integrates Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems to deliver real time, cloud based, audits on physical structures and environments.

Flex Services

  • 3D Scanning
  • Fire Compliance Audits
  • Fixed Asset Registry & Management
  • Movable Asset Registry & Management
  • Insurance Asset & Claim Management
  • Construction & Development Progress Mapping
  • Building Modeling
  • Property Management – Tenant Coordination, operations & insurance
  • Digital BOQ

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Seed - Turnkey Landscaping

Seed, turnkey landscaping, is a large scale, turnkey landscaping specialist. Impactful flora landscapes require considered, scientifically architectured planning, implementation and maintenance to achieve sustainable ecological environments. or this reason, the Seed offering has been intentionally curated to achieve landscaping solutions that deliver on the aesthetic, environmental and impression ambitions of our clients.

Seed Services

  • Landscape Survey and Audit
  • Landscape Architecture and Design
  • Flora Specification and Procurement
  • Landscape Civils and Earthworks
  • Landscape Irrigation and Fencing
  • Landscape Management and Maintenance

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